Who We Are

GPS Co. GENERAL CHEM operates in Piedmont for over twenty-five years in commercial and and industrial sector, boasting professionalism and timeless, two requirements that, together, really can satisfy every need.

An assortment of selected products for the electromechanical industry, electronics, construction and shipbuilding, chosen following qualitative logic.

Simple and definitive solutions in the repair and maintenance, flanked by full assistance: site surveys, product demonstrations, study of special requirements for the implementation and post-sales support.

Positive feedback received from customers and the comparisons with the competition over the years have enabled the company to consolidate hitself on the market, maturing in the direction the consciousness that create adequate facilities, suppliers and qualified personnel is the real strength of the company.

The introduction of the new ISO 9001: 2000 has also allowed a substantial improvement of the Quality System, becoming a powerful business tool, giving even greater needs of the client, trying to satisfy it by taking strong flexibility as needed.

A company serving the market, for this reason today whom has a project, requirement or even just ideas that relate to the adhesives and sealants sector, can safely turn to GPS Co., the qualified technical office, is able to promptly and competently meet your needs.