DRAINFLOOR is a decorative coating consists of mineral granules mixed with two-component resin.

The mixing allows to highlight the colors natürli of granules used and form a high strength flooring, durable and easy to maintain.



DRAINFLOOR not affect the exchange of gases and liquids between the ground and the atmosphere.

Avoid soil sealing, contrary to the lining with cement or bitumen.

Is particularly suitable when missing or impossible to construct stormwater drainage systems.

Is a perfect finish and easy to care for the flower beds.

Depending on the thickness, the type of granulate and the nature of the substrate to be coated, the coating can be walked on, cycle and resistant to the movement of light vehicles.

to exclude the circulation of tractors, forklifts, pallet trucks and any other heavy vehicle.



DRAINFLOOR allows the creation of decorative flooring on concrete substrates, eliminating any unevenness, strengthening joints and completing the sealing.

In these cases, the movement of heavy vehicles it is possible, while avoiding the steered which in time may erode the surface or cause black traces.

When the slope is low (<2%) do not recommend the draining coating; in this case it is better to increase the quantity of resin with the granulate.